How to access the WordPress admin bar if you don’t remember its new URL

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  3. How to access the WordPress admin bar if you don’t remember its new URL

From time to time users protect their WordPress websites from hackers and bots by changing the standard login page URL to the custom one. In this case, they can easily end up forgetting its new address, and as the result – lose access to the admin bar.

There are several solutions of this kind of a problem. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Three solutions of restoring access to the admin bar

1. Use the recovery link for restoring access

When a user sets up the new login page URL, the system creates a recovery link for restoring access. This link should be copied and kept somewhere safe. By following the recovery link, you can access the WordPress login page.

Backup link to restore access to the admin WordPress

However, plenty of users forget or don’t want to save the recovery link. In this case, there are alternative ways of accessing the admin bar.


2. Follow the link from e-mail.

When the login page URL has been changed, the website administrator receives a notification with the link for restoring access. By following the link, the user can gain access to the admin bar. But the most important part in here is that this letter shouldn’t get lost or deleted.

A letter with a link to restore the default admin url

Note: if you follow the recovery link, all previous system settings will be reset.


3. Remove components that change URLs

If a user forgets the new login page URL and for some reasons can’t access the recovery link, then there is one more solution available. He can manually deactivate the component responsible for replacing the login page address. In this case, open the FTP-manager or the file manager on the hosting where the website is stored.


Delete FTP folder with hide login page plugin

Go to the root directory of the WordPress website and find the Wp-content folder.

Now go to the Plugins folder and remove the Hide login page plugin.

Then you can access the login page using the old address. The component that changes the login page URL is now deactivated. To reactivate it, go to the Components page and install the Hide login page plugin. Then click Enable. Don’t forget to configure the Hide login page plugin in the Security tab and save the changes.



As we’ve seen, the process of restoring access to the WordPress admin bar doesn’t take much time or efforts. However, we recommend you to write down the new login page URL and keep the recovery link somewhere safe, so you wouldn’t have to go through these steps again.