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WordPress: 4.2-4.9

PHP: 5.2-7.1

Версия: 1.2.1

After you install the plugin, please, make sure your website complies the requirements above

Frequently Asked Question

First of all, this plugin has been designed for regular users, because tech-savvy developers optimize their projects right in the source code. You can easily install the plugin. We’ve also marked safe, neutral and critical settings with different colors to prevent you from mistakes. All settings have detailed descriptions, showing where and when you should use each one of them. The plugin consists of the most popular functions in terms of WordPress optimization, so there’s no need to study thousand blogs to find what exactly your website needs. We’ve done that for you!

I am a developer: if you have a tech background or developer skills and know much about WordPress optimization, then this plugin will be a great choice. You, as a developer, definitely have a set of patterns and templates you usually install to the client’s projects. But your templates will give you no good in terms of the website performance; you will just get rid of the plugin interface loading.

Code optimization for developers:

Accurate Optimization — nothing redundant. Your client gets a working project with less amount of plugins and higher speed.

— Time-consuming Work — customizing each project based on the specific terms means you lose money.

— Code Maintenance — you will need to maintenance your code with WordPress releases.

— Zero Usability for Your Client – you’ve optimized a website, and now the customer can’t change optimization settings, which means, you spend extra time on maintenance.

I am a user (newbie)  you are misguided each time someone tells you to replace all plugins with the code. Plugins are made with the code; it’s a general optimization tool. However, in some cases code optimization helps you to speed up the website and improve its performance. But if you don’t have the necessary skills, you can easily damage your website and make it vulnerable for hackers and bots. Even worse, you can break something without noticing until one day problems with site promotion arise.

Code Optimization for a regular user (newbie):

— Viruses — Your code may not have any viruses. But sometimes the code is written by the newbies who doesn’t care much about vulnerabilities. In this case, skilled hacker will hack your website in no time.

— Code Maintenance — your installed code can seriously damage the website after any WordPress updates released. The problem is that you don’t have a professional code maintenance performed by developers. Don’t forget that no one could solve your website problems for free.

— Poor usability — you have to overwhelm the developer with tons of questions each time you decide to change something in the code or to customize it according to your needs. It’s time-consuming, uncomfortable and leads to security problems.

— Money & Time — You spend extra time finding new solutions and quality code. You also spend extra time fixing incorrect coding.

Clearfy Optimization:

Custom Tools – our plugin has many functions divided to the components. Enable only those optimization functions that you need and transfer saved sets to another projects in no time. Disabled components are not initialized with the plugin and don’t create any load.

User-friendly Interface — our primary task was to create a user-friendly plugin with a simple set of settings. We’ve spent much time designing tooltips and settings descriptions, so even newbie can go through the settings and start using it on the website by marking/unmarking checkboxes.

Safe — most of the plugins you use and the code are updated quite rare, and this leads the website owners to various problems, such as hack attacks and embedding ads and viruses to the website. We, indeed, update our plugin and test it on a regular basis. You can easily replace up to 50 plugins with only one – ours.

Time saving — At first, you can spend up to 5-20 minutes for walking through the plugin interface and accurate setting. Then you’ll spend less than 1 minute for it. Launching WordPress projects is about to become faster and easier.

Free maintenance — Quality and safe code which we constantly maintain and test. Thousand users report about problems and failures. Plugin is available from WordPress repository where it goes through an extra vulnerability check.

Free support — It is very important for us to fix the errors and failures promptly, as we do value our users. We will help you to fix any problem with the plugin for free with a little help from your side.


Up to 50 plugins… sounds creepy, huh? But let’s check it from another perspective. Our plugin is divided to various components. You only use functions that you need; others don’t affect the loading at all.

If you would have used 50 different plugins and all Clearfy functions at once, then Clearfy would produce only 40% of the total load. Why is that so? The point is that many developers create so-called optimization plugins, but don’t actually optimize them. We’ve optimized Clearfy performance due to the settings caching and code profiling, fixing issues with “heavy” parts of the code.

We won’t tell you that Clearfy produces zero load. Otherwise, it’s going to be a lie. Each plugin and each code produce a load on the website. But we’ve tried our best to cease that load to a minimum.

Don’t believe us? Then install Clearfy and see for yourself! Besides, it is free.

Our plugin doesn’t replace other popular plugins, such as Yoast SEO, Autooptimize, Wp super cache, etc. You can combine Clearfy with any of them to improve your website optimization.

That’s a good question! Lots of people concern whenever they see a high quality and free product. How long will this product be available? Having a high-quality product with developer support requires money. We do have a monetization model, allowing us to earn money and provide funds to the plugin’s development. All present functions you see in the plugin are going to be free. Even if we decide to use our monetization model, it will not affect neither you nor your clients.

We support Clearfy for free, however our capabilities have limits. If you’ve found a bug in the plugin which could harm other users, we would reply within an hour. For other matters, usability questions, consulting, helping in installation and plugin settings you will be responded in the priority order.

1. You can translate the plugin on your language. 

2. You can share your friends about our plugin.

3. You can review our plugin on your blog.

4. You can donate a small amount of money.

Support us, and we will provide you with the special conditions in the future.

You can reach us via the Contact Us page. For donations, please, use this page.

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Recent reviews

What a great contribution to the wordpress environment. Your plugin serves a vital function, is well coded and clearly presented. I couldn’t really afford it but I went ahead and donated. Thanks
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Sri Shunyata
I’ve been blogging for 12 years and I have no idea why I discovered Clearfy only recently. This is a genius plugin in so many respects… keep up the great work.
Download clearfy
Ritchie Pettauer
I’ve been looking for a plugin that does exactly this for at least 5 years. Really grateful to the developer for making a simple, lightweight plugin that cleans up the WordPress dashboard and prevents plugins from nagging my clients. This really should be built-in to WordPress.
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