Disable admin notices

The WordPress admin notices can be very annoying. We will introduce easy method to get rid of them once and for all.

Disable admin notices


  • You can hide the notice for other users who have access to the admin panel, while displaying this notice for yourself. (Multisite only)
  • And still, that you could see which notices are shows, we made the special item in the top admin bar that will collect all notices in one place. It is disabled by default to freeing space in the admin menu but you can enable it in plugin options.
  • We have also added a Hidden Notices page so that the site administrator can view the entire list of hidden notes and restore some of them, if necessary.
  • Compact panel — Instead of notices in the admin panel (no matter how many) a compact panel is displayed, it takes up little space and will not interfere with you. By clicking on the compact panel, you will see all your notes, click again and all your notes are hidden again. This is an easy way to keep track of notes, you won’t miss anything, all notes will be available in one click.
  • Block Ad Redirects — This feature will be useful to you to break advertising redirects. Some plugins, when updating or during installation, may redirect you to their page with advertisements or news. If plugins do this too often, it can be a headache for you. Break these redirects with our premium features.
  • Hide admin bar items (menu) — This function allows you to disable annoying menu items in the admin bar. Some plugins take up space in the admin bar to insert their ads. Just get rid of this ad with the premium features of our plugin.
  • Disable plugins updates nags
  • Disable core updates nags

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Disable admin notices

How to Disable Admin Notices in WordPress?

Do you have many plugins installed? Do you receive way too many notifications in the WordPress Dashboard? By default, WordPress displays some notifications on the homepage of your Dashboard. Notices can tell you something important, but most often this is a premium version advertisement, “give us 5 stars” or something else that just annoys you, clogs up the Dashboard and prevents you from concentrating on your work.

Disable admin notices

WordPress is a flexible CMS. You can add or remove features to it by installing or removing plugins. There are thousands upon thousands of plugins that can add different functionality to your website. The Disable Admin Notices Individually plugin can take care of annoying notices in the WordPress Dashboard.

All of us are tired of the notices displaying on the homepage of the WordPress Dashboard, with the help of this plugin, you can turn off notices forever and individually! This works for notices from plugins and WordPress itself.

This plugin adds a “Hide notification forever” underneath each notice in the Dashboard. By clicking on this link, you will never see the notification ever again. You can use this method to only disable the annoying notices that keep popping up on the homepage and let WordPress keep displaying the important notices like updates.

Besides, in the configurations, you can set the plugin to completely disable all notices site-wide. In this case, the plugin removes WordPress admin notices and keeps the important update notices.

Disable admin notices

In addition, there is a special place in the top admin bar which collects all the notices in one place. By default, this feature is disabled in WordPress. However, you can enable it through the plugin’s settings.

All you have to do is to download the plugin from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard. Install, and activate it and you’re good to go!

Disable admin notices

To Disable WordPress Admin Notices:


Login to the WordPress Dashboard


Hover over Settings and click on Hide admin notices plugin


In the Hide Admin Notices tab you have three options. All notices, Only selected and Don’t hide

By selecting All notices, you have the option to enable or disable hidden notices in the admin bar.

By selecting the Only selected you have the option to enable hidden or disable hidden notices as well as reset hidden notices for all users or the current user.

Don’t hide turns off the plugin. So, it won’t display the “Hide Notification forever” in the WordPress Dashboard.

Disable admin notices
Disable admin notices


Besides, if you come across any problems you can submit a ticket and ask the developers to help you with it.

Disable admin notices
Disable admin notices

we have added more new features to save you from annoying notifications and ads in the admin panel

Disable admin notices

Compact Panel

No more need to hide each notification.

Collapse all notifications in one line (panel with notification counters), to see the notifications, you will need to click this panel.


Disable adminbar items

We cleaned your admin bar, no more menus and ads. Simple management of hiding the menu in the admin bar.

Disable admin notices
Disable admin notices

Disable updates nags

Turn off annoying nags about updating WordPress and plugins with one click

Block ad redirects

Мakes it possible to create a list of advertising redirects and block them.

Disable admin notices
Disable admin notices
  • block custom notifications from many popular plugins
  • multisite friendly
  • white label
  • advanced management of hiding notices

User reviews

“Great plugin to keep your admin area clean and lean. I was glad to find this plugin to disable an annoying admin message where the developer removed the close button. I removed that message perfectly with this lovely plugin. Thank you so much to clean up the WordPress mess other developers create.”

Disable admin notices

“Does EXACTLY what it was designed to do. Does not conflict with anything on my websites… No more annoying notices from anyone anymore. Now I can get some work done!”

Disable admin notices

“I love that I can permanently disable notifications on a per-user basis so I can see necessary alerts but my clients don’t’! Bravo.”

Disable admin notices

“It is simply the most useful plugin for my website. I no longer have to deal with annoying pop-ups and notices asking me to upgrade to premium versions. Just one click on the dismiss button and the notices are done forever.

Thank you guys for this thoughtful plugin!”

Disable admin notices

“Seemingly everyone wants your attention in the admin panel, and that’s fine, but not every plugin will honor your request when you close a notification.

There was another plugin that hides all notices–basically the nuclear option–but some messages are genuinely useful, so I found this plugin.

For those pesky notifications that just won’t quit, this plugin is essential to keep you sane before exploding with information overload.”

Disable admin notices