How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?

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Clearfy Business – premium access to the Clearfy WordPress plugin directory of components. Our plugin consists of many free available components and paid solutions with private access by default. All premium components can be installed with active license only, and here we will tell you how to get the license and activate it in our plugin.

There are several ways of gaining the license for the premium package: a) you can purchase it or b) get it in a form of a bonus for translating or promoting our plugin.

How to purchase Clearfy Business?

Go to the pricing page and choose the most suitable plan. Click “Purchase now” button and wait until the window with payment details opens.

How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?


Example of filling out the payment form for credit cards

Please, wait until the page is fully loaded, as this window can be opening very slow. Once it is loaded, fill in the necessary payment details. You can check the example from the screenshot below.

  1. Your e-mail address (the confirmation e-mail with your license key will be sent to this address. It is also required for retrieving the key, in case if you lose it).
  2. Your first name
  3. Your last name
  4. Re-enter your e-mail address to prevent any mistakes (please, fill in the address carefully).
  5. Credit/debit card number
  6. Valid thru date
  7. CVV – the secret code from the back side of your card
  8. Your ZIP code
How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?

We do not store your credit card details, and the whole process of ordering and paying is handled by the freemius service in the secured window. Your purchase is absolutely secured. More details about the secured payments can be found on the website.

When all fields are completed, press the “Review Order” button. Then you’ll see the confirmation window to check the correction of entered data and several purchase conditions. Once you are ready to complete the purchase, press “Pay & Subscribe”.

Congrats, you’ve just completed the purchase!

How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?


We’ve e-mailed you the receipt of the purchase and your license info. In case you haven’t received this e-mail, please, check the Spam folder first, and then, if needed, press the “Didn’t Get it – Resend email” button for re-sending the details.

Getting the license key

If you’ve received the e-mail, then open the message with the “Thanks for subscribing” title and copy your license key. We recommend you to keep this key somewhere safe, as it will take a while to retrieve the key in case of losing it.

How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?

How to get the Clearfy Business license for free?

If you are willing to support or promote our project, we can give you the license for free.

How you can help in promoting the plugin:

  1. Translate the plugin to your language (only for native speakers).
  2. Write a review of the plugin with the open link to our website (traffic ranking of your blog should be more than 300 visitors daily)
  3. Create a video review on your Youtube channel (you should have more than 2 000 subscribers on the channel)
  4. If you’ve donated more than $3 till August 1, 2018, you can get a license for free.

If you want to promote us or have already supported us with donations, please, contact us here and we will send you the license for free.

How to activate the license key?

Please, install & activate the free Clearfy plugin before activating the key. You can check our documentation on how to install the free plugin.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu at the WordPress admin page;
  2. Switch to “Clearfy menu”.
  3. Find the “License” tab at the side list of the page.
  4. Add your license key from the confirmation e-mail
  5. Press the “Submit key” button

How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?

The key will be activated successfully in case of no mistakes in the entered value. You’ll see all activation details right away:

How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?

The plugin activation is completed! Now you can install premium components:

How to get & activate the Clearfy Business license?