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In case you haven’t known, White Label means you can change the plugin name displayed in the WordPress dashboard. It allows renaming our plugin to your custom name.

Why Do You Need This?

When developing and managing WordPress websites for clients, your brand is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. The more you can do to consolidate and strengthen your brand image, the better.

White Label helps you with that by renaming the Clearfy plugin. It strengthens your brand weight and presents your business as a more seamless, integrated solution.

What Happens When You Enable White Label?

When setting up White Label, you will notice the following changes:

  • renamed WP admin menu of the plugin and new icon displayed in the menu.
  • new plugin name appears on the plugins page.
  • links on plugin pages replaced with your custom links.
  • you can manage the Licensing tab visibility.
How to Enable White Label?

White Label is a Clearfy Pro component. You will not be able to enable features without an active PRO license.

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Replace our logo, documentation and links with your own branding.


Plugin branding is under your complete control. Change the logo, name, and color scheme of the interface. No ads or mentions of our brand remain in the interface, source code, or XML sitemap.


Customize Documentation, Tutorials & Footer Links


There are many links to our documentation, blog posts, useful links, and ads in the Clearfy footer and sidebar. With Clearfy White Label, you can hide or replace these links with your brand.

This way, you can be sure that none of your customers accidentally ends up on Clearfy pages; the customers will contact you instead.


Please read the instructions on how to buy and activate the license for the Clearfy plugin.





Speed up your website with CLEARFY BUSINESS

User reviews

Based on our users’ opinion, Clearfy helped them to solve optimization problems and speeded up their projects.

Ritchie Pettauer

I’ve been blogging for 12 years and I have no idea why I discovered Clearfy only recently. This is a genius plugin in so many respects… keep up the great work.

Tobias Mattz

This is one of the plugins which hooks you from the first moment. Super beautiful user interface and big bunch of really awesome options to slim down WordPress. Disable comments, manage scripts, disable unused features, improve security. I’m using it on every project. Highly recommended plugin.

Nick Buso

Great performance from this plugin. Does it’s work quietly in the background. Has worked great on our WooCommerce site with Dreamhost hosting. Has been stable and reliable and is regularly enhanced. Great plugin!

Bill Twinsley

Hello! I have a “twenty-fifteen” theme. After applying this plugin, I have following results on Page Speed Tools: mobile – 93 (was 73), desktop – 95(was 89) with a notice from Google: “Great job! This page applies most performance best practices and should deliver a good user experience.” I am very happy! Thank you very, match indeed!

Bryan Granse

I already sent a donation to the developer and want to thank him here again. What a great plugin seriously. So simple to use, but offers so much in the way of eliminating junk and security flaws. The new version even added the ability to change your login address for security. AWESOME!!!! I always want to minimize the amount of plugins I have installed, and this is helping me do that more and more with every release. PS – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not discontinue development of this amazing plugin.

Marcus Quinn

Clearfy has reduced the need for 3 other performance plugins down to just this one with all the features of the others combined into a neat and very well commented interface. “Clearfy” + “W3TC” + “WordPress Performance Pack” = the fastest possible frontend & admin performance we have been able to achieve with over 150 plugins running!

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