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We’ve made Clearfy and WP Rocket compatible, now you can definitely use these plugins together!
There are some options in both plugins, we’ll cover them below, what you should know about the two kinds of options.

Options built into WP Rocket but which are not in the plugin settings, they cannot be disabled

These options are always enabled while the WP Rocket plugin is running, these options cannot be disabled. Therefore, we disabled these options in Clearfy to prevent conflict between the two plugins, if both are active on your site. Here is a list of these options: Emoji, Remove Version from Script & Remove Version, Optimize HTML Code, Cache

Options built into WP Rocket that can be enabled or disabled

These options are disabled in Clearfy if you enable them in WP Rocket, pay attention to this if you change WP Rocket settings.
It will look something like this: CSS & JS minifications, JS Defer, Embeds.